Town of Mosman Park bid for Federal funds for skate park fails

Town of Mosman Park bid for Federal funds for skate park fails

ANNOUNCEMENT of a May 18 Federal Election came just as Mosman Park Council learnt Canberra would not chip in $300,000 for a skate park.

“As a small council we didn’t have any hope,” Mosman Park Mayor Brett Pollock said.

The council applied to the Federal Community Sport Infrastructure Grants Program for half the cost of rebuilding its current skate park on McCabe Street.

Mr Pollock said the skate park would also have an asset for the lower-socio economic residents of the 8700-resident suburb, including many in legacy rental and State Housing homes.

He said Mosman Park could also seek Federal funds to protect its coast and riverbanks, for a potential ocean pool and any realignment of Curtin Avenue so the Town’s Wellington Street intersects the route and the dangerous Victoria Street train station is moved.

Fremantle, East Fremantle, Melville, Rockingham, Cockburn and Kwinana councils worked together to ensure a new Fremantle traffic bridge and Canning Highway bridge was on Infrastructure Australia’s priority list.

Liberal and Labor parties subsequently pledged $115 million for the Fremantle bridge.

“We’ve got to get the four of us – Mosman Park, Claremont, Cottesloe and Peppermint Grove councils – together,” Mr Pollock said, when asked how to get Canberra’s attention.

Liberal candidate for Curtin Celia Hammond said she would fight for investment in the community, and a co-ordinated response of local, state, and federal governments without “hitting our electorate with new and higher taxes”.

Louise Stewart said that as an independent MP she would be in a better position to argue for council and WA funding, using her economic background and having worked for sub-contractors.

Greens candidate Cameron Pidgeon said more community cabinet meetings would allow residents’ voices to be heard.