Friends fight same disease

Alex Mehl and Ariel Bombara wear Keiko jewellery.
Alex Mehl and Ariel Bombara wear Keiko jewellery.

The St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls student said she would not be memorising maths or practising English essays but instead learning everything about type 1 diabetes.

‘I was diagnosed a few weeks ago so I’m still in those really early stages where symptoms jump around a lot,’ Alex said.

‘Since I like being in control and knowing things, I’m really looking forward to dealing with the disease head-on.’

Alex said she felt very lucky to have her friend from pre-primary and fellow diabetic Ariel Bombara (16) to help answer the tough questions.

‘I remember the day Ariel was diagnosed really well because I had no idea what diabetes even was,’ she said,

‘Now I have realised there are heaps of people with diabetes but they have learnt how to balance it and just get on with their lives.’

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation volunteer Cathryn Urquhart said Alex and Ariel were the perfect models for the Keiko Uno jewellery that would be part of a silent auction at a Melbourne Cup Bubbles andBrunch fundraiser on November 5.

‘We’re looking forward to having lots of ladies come along, be beautifully dressed, drink some lovely champagne and help us raise money towards research and support for young people just like Alex and Ariel,’ Ms Urquhart said.

‘It’s just about having lots of fun and the fundraising side of things just happens naturally.

‘Who doesn’t want to buy beautiful jewellery or enjoy the day with their girlfriends?’