Gallery comes of age

Photographer Alexander Miller and filmmaker J’aime Fazackerley at Little Wing.
Photographer Alexander Miller and filmmaker J’aime Fazackerley at Little Wing.

The hot pink art hub will premiere four short films that document the creative process behind City of Subiaco-commissioned public artwork over the past three years, including Transition Zone (a three-day project at the Bosich site featuring artist Jackson Harvey) that was filmed and photographed by gallery directors J’aime Fazackerley and Alex Miller.

The Works for Walls event will also include films of the Hay Street underpass and Gold Lane murals, and a Subiaco Hotel artwork time-lapse.

Mr Fazackerley said it would be a ‘whole new gallery experience’ combining film, photography, live music and a guest artist painting throughout the night.

‘Last year we had lots of people who live and work around here ask us what we’re all about ” they could hear the faint music or looked through the windows ” so this is our chance to invite the community to be a part of these art projects in Subiaco,’ Mr Fazackerley said.

Mr Fazackerley said Subiaco developers Devwest last year gave him and Mr Miller its building rent-free while they waited on approval to redevelop.

‘Up until now, we have always worked under the assumption of borrowed time,’ he said.

‘We didn’t think we would be here that long, so we never made a real plan ” now we’re coming up with some really exciting concepts for this year.’

Subiaco Mayor Heather Henderson said the City’s Works for Walls program had helped create vibrant, interesting and engaging streetscapes for everyone in the city to enjoy.

‘The City is proud to support a growing community of talented artists in Subiaco,’ Mrs Henderson said.