Healthy eating is on chef’s menu

Herb Faust spreads a healthy food message. d410147
Herb Faust spreads a healthy food message. d410147

Mr Faust will give a live cooking demonstration at a Diabetes WA event in Lathlain and he said local grocers and butchers were the best place to shop when trying to eat healthy food.

He had always been a firm believer that cooking from scratch was going to be better for you and so he wanted to show people how to use interesting recipes as opposed to the generic style of food.

He said the internet was a great resource for people looking to kick-start their healthy eating and that healthy food did not have to be bland.

‘Everything seems to be processed these days and I can understand that people have got such busier lives these days so they find it hard to find the time to cook,’ he said.

‘I just want to make interesting things that are tasty. Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it can’t be tasty.’