Helping at full sprint

It was founded by West Coast Eagles physiotherapist Chris Perkin in 2012 after the loss of his wife and son. Participants raise money for SIDS and Kids with a 5km beach run at City Beach.

Cambridge Mayor Keri Shannon and City of Perth Surf Life Saving Club champion Brittany Houghton are among eight people who will race for the Chris Perkin trophy at 7.30am.

“When you’re doing things like this for a good cause, I think it makes it more worthwhile,” Ms Shannon said.

“I think I’ve left the pre-season a bit late but it’s only 100m, so I should be fine.”

Ms Shannon said she had already flagged a possible use of the Cambridge council website to post charity events online for people to access easily.

“We’ve been talking about putting things on the City’s website, a bit like the City of Vincent does,” Ms Shannon said.

“The facilities at City Beach are just great and it should be a really lovely day.”

After experiencing the loss of a child to SIDS more than 30 years ago, delivery business owner Phil Chamberlain will donate $10,000 to the cause.

“(My wife and I) wanted to align ourselves with a charity, so we got involved with the event,” Mr Chamberlain said.

He said his son would wear the company mascot costume for the race.

Ms Houghton, a Cottesloe resident, will also join the beach sprint.

“We’ve been to national and world events; we won the 2014 Surf Lifesaving World Championships in France,” Ms Houghton said.

“We train two hours a day, sometimes twice a day, but it’s pretty social.

“The (Sunshine Beach Run) is a first for me. Usually I run 90m on the beach; hopefully I can make the extra 10m.”

For more information or for late registrations for the 5km run, visit here.