Heritage home shock

‘I have laid awake since April thinking about this,’ Scott Goodworth said, after his newly-bought Samson Street home was suddenly put on the draft municipal heritage list for the Town.

WA’s Heritage Act requires Mosman Park to review its list every five years.

Since October 2012, a council consultant has added or removed homes and sites from the Municipal Inventory, which includes 21 properties with heritage value in the town. The council held two public meetings to discuss 20 additional places for the draft inventory in August.

However, Mr Goodworth said he was made aware his property was on the inventory only nine days after purchasing the house at auction in April.

He said he feared the former Homewest home, which has been given the lowest category listing of four, could be given a higher grade of protection and prevented from demolition.

Gibbon Street resident Hilary Silbert said the draft inventory had incorrectly described heritage features at her and her neighbour’s homes, including a fan light she installed.

‘I want to have the confidence to restore and repair my home, and not be restricted,’ Ms Silbert said.

Councillors agreed to defer considering the draft inventory, and for staff to meet with the committee conducting the review and affected residents to resolve any issues.