Hilton Park resident Marjorie Bostelman turns 100

Hilton Park resident Marjorie Bostelman turns 100

TURNING 100 years old was a momentous occasion for Marjorie Bostelman but meeting baby Isla, who was born on the same day, made her celebration even more special.

The Hilton Park resident returned to her birthplace at King Edward Memorial Hospital on Monday and was presented with a cake and flowers by Acting Executive Director Jodi Graham.

Marjorie with baby Isla.

“King Eddie’s saved my life,” Ms Bostelman said.

Her mother had seven previous still births before Marjorie was born prematurely weighing two and three quarter pounds.

She spent many years in Mandurah and was a stalwart of the Mandurah Country Club, where she played golf.

Ms Bostelman said she had no secret for longevity, but she does live for the four G’s – god, garden, golf and grandchildren, which were not necessarily always in that order.