Homeless vets helped with trust fund: RSL

�The Trust fund recently assisted a young family, with one child, to relocate from their car to safe, secure and affordable accommodation in Perth,� RSL WA president Graham Edwards said.

Mr Edwards was responding to the April 21 Western Suburbs Weekly report that charity Soldier On had found about 12 homeless veterans of the ongoing Iraq and recent Afghanistan war living in their cars at beaches throughout Perth and WA recently.

Mr Edwards said the former serviceman helped recently by the RSL had not been overseas and his family received food and fuel vouchers from the RSL and Legacy.

The RSL had contacted Soldier On WA manager Daniel Fogarty earlier this year about helping homeless veterans, including using the Trust, which can provide a bond and two weeks� advance rent.

�The Trust will also look at what other necessities are required, such as household goods. Assistance provided is situation-specific, but all reasonable requests are considered,� Mr Edwards said.