Hounds of Love: WA actress Emma Booth undergoes transformation for gritty role

WA actress and star of Hounds of Love, Emma Booth.
WA actress and star of Hounds of Love, Emma Booth.

WA actress Emma Booth is no stranger to Busselton or the CinefestOZ Film Festival, having grown up in the town and taking part in the festival in 2014.

The 34-year-old was chosen to be part of the film jury, who will choose one of four film finalists to win Australia’s largest film prize.

She said when festival chair Helen Shervington asked her to be on the panel, she could not refuse.

“I was so excited when I was asked to be on the jury, it’s a great honour,” she said

“The festival is booming and getting bigger and bigger every year, it’s such a drawcard for filmmakers and actors.

“Cinefest is really the Cannes Film Festival of Australia. I feel extremely grateful to be part of it.”

Booth is known for her roles in Underbelly, the film Parker and more recently as one of the lead actor’s in Hounds of Love, starring opposite Stephen Curry.

The film is a psychological thriller set in WA in the 1980s, which shows the twisted relationship between Booth’s character and her sociopath partner (Curry) and his plans to abduct and kill women.

Booth said the film challenged her and was a great role to play.

“I had a lot of CGI on my body. You wouldn’t recognise me, it was very confronting,” she said.

“To have all my beauty stripped away was very freeing and helped me to connect to the character and play the role.”