Hundreds of firearms seized nationwide

Picture: Australian Border Force.
Picture: Australian Border Force.

LAW enforcement agencies have seized 475 firearms across Australia as part of a national week of action, with most of them found in Western Australia.

Operation Athena was launched to target trafficking and the use of illicit firearms and involved federal agencies including Australian Federal police, Australian Border Force and the Criminal Intelligence Commission.

A total of 475 firearms were seized in addition to the 33 arrests, 122 charges and 25 firearm prohibition orders issued during the national week of action from August 26 – 30.

Authorities seized 133 firearms in WA, which was the most number seized from any state or territories in the country.

Firearms seized during Operation Athena national week of action

Source: The Australian Border Force Image Library

 Australian Border Force commander Graeme Grosse said the results highlighted the working relationship between state, federal and international partners.

“Our clear message is do not attempt to import firearms, parts or accessories without a proper permit,” he said.

“Under the Customs Act, possible charges include ten years imprisonment, a fine of up to $525,000, or both.

“The ABF is currently particularly focused on the attempted illegal import of suppressors, or silencers, into Australia.”

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