Ice cream van cups a serve in Nedlands

Stock pic.
Stock pic.

THE sound of Greensleeves will continue attracting ice cream buyers after Nedlands Council gave its nod for Tiger Soft Serve van operator Silver Asjarv to carry on with the music at its meeting last night.

“We’ve decided not to go there and say he can’t play that,” Nedlands Mayor Max Hipkins said.

“So he can play anything he wants, but some people may like to hear something different.”

The residents of the wealthy suburb of Dalkeith in the city wanted Mr Asjarv closed down because his amplified music was claimed to be a nuisance earlier this month.

Mr Hipkins said Tiger was the only van allowed to operate in the city’s streets.

Councillors agreed with a committee’s recommendation that Tiger operate only between 10am and 7pm on Sundays.

It must stay at one spot for a maximum of 10 minutes, and move on after all customers are served.

Mr Hipkins said he thought the van could wait for “about three minutes” for new customers, and he would allow it to remain if someone was running down along the street for ice cream.