Intense approach to menopause

Exercise physiologist Katie Stewart works alongside doctors and specialists to deliver the eight-week program aimed to relieve symptoms for menopausal and peri-menopausal women.

“Once women are over 41-42 they are completely susceptible to peri-menopauses and they can spend 6-8 years suffering from menopausal symptoms,” Mrs Stewart said.

“This can include cognitive decline, sweats, sleep deprivation and weight gain because of a change in hormones.”

Mrs Stewart, who also lives in Mosman Park, said the program was a re-education process that used a physiological approach.

“It all comes back to physiology and high-intensity interval training, which challenges the system to its physical maximum to rebalance the cellular system,” she said.

Mrs Stewart said anxiety and depression were often part of menopause.

“High-intensity exercise is extremely connected with mental health improvement,” she said.

“The muscles have strong feedback with the endocrine (or hormone) system and the program rebalances the system.”

Sue, from Swanbourne, started the program in November and said she had noticed a significant difference.

“Last winter I was waking up with sweats and I was sleep-deprived and grumpy,” she said.

“Once I got into the ‘run free’ program my sleep improved and the hot flushes became less frequent.”

A self-proclaimed couch potato, Sue said she knew it was important to keep on top of exercise to reap the benefits.

“It’s about getting that support and having the knowledge to warm up the right way and know how to prepare for the short, sharp bursts of exercise.”

The Healing Tree’s menopause program starts February 8 and 22.