‘It’s getting personal’- Withers

The amendment to the Town Planning Scheme (TPS) could allow four new types of residential development in City Beach, Floreat and Mt Claremont.

However after speaking with residents, Mr Withers said it was likely that the four-apartment option would be dropped and corner-lot subdivision could go ahead; allowing people to subdivide part of their land without having to demolish their existing house.

City Beach resident Keri Shannon said once garden suburbs were subdivided, the legacy would be lost forever.

�We have been doorknocking and 97 per cent of people signed the petition in opposition,� Ms Shannon said.

�On a street of 50 houses we might get one that supports and two that need more information.�

The Town had planned to hold two information sessions at Floreat Forum but the shopping centre�s management made the decision to cancel the sessions as they felt it was a �political campaign�.

�Floreat Forum chooses to remain neutral in this campaign,� centre manager Helen Gaspar said.

�There are two sides to this.

�We are not going to change our decision.�

Floreat resident Mark Pelham is against the amendment and attended a meeting at City Beach with hundreds of other residents on Sunday, March 29.

Mr Pelham said the meeting was professional and not just an emotional response to the issue.

�I don�t normally get involved in these kinds of things,� he said.

�I�ll have to downsize someday too but I don�t want this.

�I think the process has been rushed and it will change the whole way City Beach looks.�

Mr Pelham said he was disappointed that representatives from the Town of Cambridge did not attend Sunday�s meeting.

Mr Withers said previous interactions between the group against the amendment and council had been aggressive and abusive.

�They have been alleging conspiracies and corruption it�s getting personal,� he said. �Of course we are interested in everyone�s views; we are keen to hear their concerns.

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