Jolimont resident questions Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital sterilisation procedures after staph infection

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.

AN ELDERLY Jolimont resident is considering legal action after he developed a staph infection following a routine procedure at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.

Boyd Ackland underwent four skin cancer removals in the hospital’s dermatology department before Christmas last year.

He said he had concerns about sterilisation procedures associated with his surgery.

Among several claims, Mr Ackland said a staff member did not follow proper sterilisation procedures after answering their phone in the surgery.

The 83-year-old said following the procedure the four wounds on his shoulder, stomach and both sides of his stomach became infected, causing him serious pain.

Mr Ackland said over the Christmas break the department shut down and he was forced to go to the emergency room to seek treatment.

“I have never experienced so much pain in all my life as I did with this infection. It was horrible,” he said.

Mr Ackland wrote to Health Minister John Day earlier this month with a complaint about his experience at the hospital.

He said he was currently in the process of meeting with lawyers to consider further action.

“I’ve undergone around 20 procedures similar to this and I’ve never once had an infection,” he said

Mr Day confirmed he had received Mr Ackland’s letter and was following the issue.

“I take these concerns very seriously, as does the hospital and I have asked for a detailed report on the investigation as soon as possible,” he said.

A spokesman from the North Metropolitan Health Service said all staff at the hospital were aware of the requirement of infection control.

“The Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital takes the issue of infection very seriously and all efforts are taken to reduce the occurrences of infection,” he said.

“The particular incident is currently under investigation and an outcome expected soon.

“Depending on the outcome the staff may be further educated or trained; repeat occurrences may result in discipline and/or performance management.”