Kittens dumped at Cat Haven on 30-degree day

Kittens dumped at Cat Haven on 30-degree day

FOUR beautiful kittens were found dumped in a box outside Shenton Park’s Cat Haven last week on a 30-degree day.

The adorable kitties were hot and thirsty on arrival, but after some food and water all four were feline divine.

The kittens were 10 weeks old and will be available for adoption in the next few days, according to Cat Haven fundraising and media assistant Lauren Nesbitt.

“A Cat Haven staff member found the box of kittens when a Good Samaritan said they had witnessed a person open their car door and leave the box of scared kittens near the top of the driveway at the shelter,” she said.

“The kittens were brought inside straight away and transferred from the cramped, hot cardboard box to a secure carrier.

“They were given water, food and a health check to make sure they were ok.

“Cat Haven staff are very grateful to the caller for alerting them about the kittens’ situation, which possibly saved their lives.”

It has been an incredibly busy summer for the Cat Haven and it is currently caring for over 300 felines with pregnant cats and orphaned kittens still arriving daily.

“The warmer months are the busiest time of year for the shelter as it is when cats breed,” Ms Nesbitt said.

“We urge people to spread the word about how important cat sterilisation is.

“It is law to sterilise and microchip all cats over six months old in Western Australia, although female cats can get pregnant as early as four months old.

“We encourage all cat owners to get their cats sterilised to help reduce the huge numbers of stray, abandoned and unwanted kittens and cats we take in every year.”