Leederville: YMCA HQ launches newly revamped dance area

Natalie Allen at YMCA HQ dance space launch.
Natalie Allen at YMCA HQ dance space launch.

YMCA HQ hosted an entertainment spectacular, VIP party earlier this month to celebrate the launch of its newly renovated and revamped dance area.

Six acts of “passionate, professional and emerging” contemporary street dancers and hip hop artists took to the new dance floor to open the space.

The night’s performances included West Australian contemporary professional dancer Natalie Allen, who has worked with an array of leading Australian dance companies.

Performances also included Perth-born accomplished inter-disciplinary artist Paris Mitchell and local hip hop and poetry artist and YMCAYouth Leadership group member, Aali, who performed hard hitting raps.

YMCA HQ Youth Leadership group members Ian de Mello and Nadiah Biddle at the YMCA HQ dance space launch.

HQ’s Youth Leadership group member and Krump dancer Ian De Mello, who started his dance career 11 years ago at YMCA HQ, will now have the space to run Krump workshops.

“The transformation at YMCA HQ has been amazing and it doesn’t have a traditional studio feel which, as a street dancer, I love,” he said.

The launch of the new space was a result of a successful crowd funding campaign.