Limit sought on pavilion height

City of Subiaco councillors unanimously carried its committee recommendation to ‘conditionally approve’ a scheme amendment to rezone the market site and its surrounding block at the development services committee last week.

However, the recommendation limited the proposed 16-storey height to a maximum of eight storeys.

Mayor Heather Henderson said the report showed people wanted development on the site but not the scheme amendment in ‘its purest form’.

‘Only one person specifically supported 16 storeys,’ Mrs Henderson said.

Cr Murray Rowe said he was worried that limiting the height to eight storeys would ‘stifle architectural flair’.

‘This (eight storeys) is about three levels lower than the Wandana apartments in Shenton Park,’ he said.

‘I’m hoping this gets built and provides additional activation for the town. It has the potential to cast a new skyline if we put it out there and get the design right.’

Planning Minister John Day forced the City to advertise the planning scheme amendment allowing up to 16 storeys on the site in June.

‘I encourage the City of Subiaco to look at all applications including those with height limits higher than currently prescribed within the City’s Town Planning Framework,’ Mr Day said in June.

Councillors will consider the report at the December 17 meeting before sending the recommendation to Mr Day, who will make the final decision.