Local Govt looks ahead

Local Govt looks ahead

2013 has been a challenging but exciting year for the City of Nedlands.

While uncertainties surrounding local government reform persist, the City has continued to get on with important jobs such as encouraging action on Swanbourne and Sunset Hospitals, and providing input to the proposed light rail project and new buildings at the QEII Medical Centre site.

We are also fulfilling commitments made in the Strategic Community Plan – refurbishing aging infrastructure, achieving more efficient waste management and recycling, protecting our green leafy environment and promoting the arts.

The City would like to wish everyone best wishes for the Christmas season, and a very happy 2014.

Mosman Park Mayor Ron Norris

As 2013 ends the Town can look back on a year that presented many challenges.

The principal challenge has been the uncertainty caused by the Government’s G7 reform announcement on 30 July.

Council’s October referendum indicated that the G7 model was unacceptable to the majority of residents.

Council is now waiting to see what the Local Government Advisory Board recommends to the Minister.

Depending what the LGAB concludes and the response of the Minister Council will be able to determine how it should respond.

If the Government forces the G7 amalgamation the basic issue is who will pay the massive transition costs which the G7 Mayors estimate will be greater than $60m.

Despite this uncertain future, Council has continued to deliver the essential services which the Town requires.

There are numerous projects in the pipeline and 2014 looks like being pretty exciting.

Peppermint Grove President Rachel Thomas

In 2014, the Shire will continue to carry out a program of infrastructure improvements.

These initiatives include repair of the river wall, revegetation of parts of the foreshore, traffic management projects and landscaping improvements to parks, gardens and roundabouts.

Much work has been done in 2013 on the Shire’s new Local Planning Strategy and Scheme and we hope that this will be approved by the Department of Planning for advertising in the first half of 2014.

Local government reform will, no doubt, be a constant backdrop to our activities and we will continue to inform and consult our residents about the inquiry process that the Local Government Advisory Board will be undertaking in 2014.

I wish all our residents a very happy, safe and prosperous new year.

Claremont Mayor Jock Barker

As the end of a busy 2013 approaches, we look forward to the challenges 2014 will bring.

Much has been achieved in these 12 months and for that I thank Stephen Goode our CEO, his staff, my fellow councillors and our supportive community.

The amazing work by volunteers continues with 80,000 trees and shrubs being planted by the Friends of Lake Claremont and countless hours of valuable work being done by the museum and library volunteers.

The upgrade of Bay View Terrace is constantly monitored and continues to pay dividends as the number of people visiting increases with a number of new businesses now seeking to set up.

Amalgamation remains a contentious issue and your council is resolutely opposed to the mega council proposed by the State Government.

Whilst we work hard to serve our community, it is you the community that inspires us to do so.

On behalf of my fellow councillors and the staff of the Town, I wish you a safe and happy 2014.

Cottesloe Mayor Jo Dawkins

2014 will be a happily progressive one for the Town of Cottesloe.

The Town Centre will receive an injection of funds.

We plan some smartening up of street furniture in the shopping precinct, maybe even some plantings.

The beachfront development is being reviewed, with a view to some improvement in amenities for the many visitors, from near and far, who love Cottesloe Beach.

The long-time coming Town Planning Scheme No.3 should be gazetted early in the year.

Cottesloe Council remains opposed to an amalgamation of seven western suburb councils, and it will continue to work towards a smaller, more socially and demographically suitable model.

The mayor and councillors wish Cottesloe ratepayers and residents a happy and safe Christmas followed by the same for the new year of 2014.

Subiaco Mayor Heather Henderson

It has been a year of activity and progress in the City of Subiaco, with elected members and staff working tirelessly to realise some landmark decisions.

2013 saw the development of the Local Planning Strategy and Activity Centre Structure Plan, guiding future planning and development for our city.

Council formally recognised the importance of our built heritage and developed its Economic Development Strategy 2013-2017.

Community engagement was high on the agenda with our online community engagement hub, Have your say Subiaco, launched in May, proving to be highly successful.

We faced some challenges in 2013, namely the much publicised local government structural reform or as it is more commonly known, amalgamation.

While 2014 will be a year of challenges and change, I am excited about what is to come and look forward to the community’s ongoing interest and participation in their local democracy.

This passion and commitment is what makes Subiaco a truly unique place to live, work and visit.