Lock up to beat thieves in burglary spike

‘That’s why it’s so critical for people to lock up at night,’ Senior Sergeant Mic Dalla Costa said.

Police suspect the western suburbs are being targeted by a group of criminals.

Last Monday, seven burglaries were reported in Dalkeith and three in Cottesloe, before another two were reported the following day. All had occurred the previous weekend.

‘Out of the initial 12, all but one of the burglaries was through an unlocked door,’ Snr Sgt Dalla-Costa said.

Another six burglaries were recorded in Nedlands during the week until November 17.

A 183cm, dark-skinned man wearing a green Adidas t-shirt was reported to be acting suspiciously after two daylight burglaries in Edward Street, Cottesloe on November 18.

Snr Sgt Dalla-Costa said the items typically taken when thieves entered homes at night were small, such as wallets and handbags, keys and credit cards that had been left on counters or kitchen tables while residents slept.

Open garage doors and shopper access doors also gave thieves easy access to homes.

However, large items had also been targeted in the spate, including a 2011 Holden Grange sedan that was taken from a Victoria Street, Dalkeith house, but was recovered in Cockburn last Wednesday.

Police are organising a special operation.

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