Looking for Ace in pack

City councillors discussed feedback to be provided to developers Greg Rowe and Associates at its meeting last week, after their plans for the $95 million plan were initially turned down in April.

The main reason for the rejection ” excessive height and plot ratio ” was listed as a top concern, with Councillor Scott Arbuckle stating that this was one of a ‘litany of things wrong with the building plan’.

The plan proposes that the current site be demolished and replaced with a six-storey office and retail development, and a nine-storey retail, dining, cinema and hotel development.

Retaining the character of old Subiaco in the new build was also a point of importance, but this should be balanced with a recognition that new developments could bring a fresh perspective to the area, councillors said.

‘It’s 2013, and Subiaco is stagnating, with the football oval and other attractions leaving,’ Cr Leanne Potter said at the meeting.

‘We need to be broader and proactive.’

Cr Julie Matheson said many newer buildings in Subiaco had managed to reflect the city’s history and character.

‘Our third point (in the suggested amendments) should show how clever architects have kept the city alive with good planning,’ she said.

The third point asks that a collage of photos and pictorial references be included in the proposal, showing how new developments in Subiaco have captured the heritage character that is referred to in the Town Planning Scheme (TPS).

Mayor Heather Henderson said it was imperative that developers kept to the guidelines mentioned in the TPS.

‘Encouraging developers to consider the character of the area when they develop is really important,’ she said.

‘We have some really good examples: the Cloisters Building in Bagot Road received a significant rebuild a few years ago, and has picked up all of those characteristics.

‘The one we’ve just approved in Railway Terrace retained a really good feel for the district as well.’