Loop lips sink staff directive

Nedlands Council went against the staff recommendation and approved Cr Leo McManus�s motion to close the road at its April 28 meeting.

Mr McManus said there was �almost complete agreement� among residents that nearby construction, including the Aria Swanbourne Apartments development, was �untenable�.

�The stress for residents is considerable and they deserve to live in peace and harmony with the local environment,� he said.

Technical services director Mark Goodlet said that, while there was �little justification for closing the road for traffic speed or volume reasons�, the prevention of through traffic to the subdivision would �add to its exclusivity and amenity�.

The City of Nedlands will accept submissions on closure until June 8.

However, Claremont resident Lindsay Youd said the consultation period was not long enough.

�Why is there a big panic and rush to do this?� Mr Youd said. �It does seem to be strange that this has been so quickly pushed through for the benefit of just 50 homes.

�The City�s study said they expect an extra 500 cars to be put onto Nidjalla Road going right by Swanbourne Primary School, which is already so congested. When I contacted the school last week, they didn�t even know about the closure plans.�

Mr Hipkins, who voted against the motion, said councillors had been swayed to make a decision that could be solved by upcoming minor traffic improvements.

The final decision is expected at the July council meeting, with the road closure due to start on August 3.