Lost carpark capacity pile-up

Mayor Heather Henderson said the City of Subiaco did not have the capacity for a contingency plan to compensate for lost parking spaces.

�We�ve already lost the parking at Ace (whose owners applied for a building licence this month) and we�ll lose the Pavilion Market carpark in the near future,� Mrs Henderson said.

�Although Pavilion is a four-year plan, so hopefully by that time the hotel site and its parking will be up and running.�

Wilson Parking owns Ace Cinemas and Pavilion Market carparks, with at least 99 long-term bays at the market site.

Mrs Henderson said the City might need to look at public transport initiatives to �change people�s attitudes� in anticipation of increased demands on CBD carparking.

�A City-owned multistorey carpark is something we continue to look at; there is still the Barker Road carpark in our corporate business plan,� she said.

�We are going to have a workshop in the next fortnight looking at our strategic financial plan in the next few years, identifying projects that are priorities and making sure there is funding available for them.

�Multi-deck parking may well come up as one of the projects that elected members want to support.�

The father of Rokeby Road restaurant Bistro Felix owner Jeremy Cariss said the council should defer a decision on awarding a tender for the Forrest Street carpark due to the interconnection of projects.

�There is still potential for a multi-storey carpark at this site,� Tony Cariss said in his public statement.