Making island visits more memorable

Mrs Fox, along with husband Richard Fox, is a founding member of the Rottnest Volunteer Guides Association (RVGA) that started 30 years ago with 35 volunteers.

“Richard has been president twice and to make it a family affair our daughter Liz Fox was also once a guide,” Mrs Fox said.

“In the late 60s Richard’s father had a job here as the acting island manager and relief lighthouse keeper so like a lot of our guides we have always had some connection.”

Seven of the original 35 guides are still active with the RVGA.

“We are in a wonderful environment and it’s a privilege to be able to share our love and enthusiasm of the island with the visitors,” Mrs Fox said.

“People come from everywhere and there’s even locals who have never been to the guns or the tunnels before.

“The guns, tunnels and lighthouse are favourites with me because of the history and relation to the island.”