Marijuana: Man charged

‘One of the rooms was a small alcove and it had an opening you’d have to bend sideways to get into,’ Detective-Senior Constable Michael Nash said.

The rooms, one about the size of a toilet closet and the other the size of a small bathroom, were built using plasterboard and timber in a spare room at the rear of the two-storey home.

Police said a 40-year-old man was the only occupant there.

‘There was a door made to look like wooden panelling,’ Det Snr Constable Nash said.

It will be alleged the hidden rooms contained 16 mature marijuana plants and a drying crop of the drug weighing about 0.5kg, all grown using power from the home’s electricity supply.

The man was charged with cultivating and possessing cannabis with intent to sell or supply.

He was bailed to appear at Perth Magistrate’s Court on December 19.

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