Market loss hurts vibrancy

“Bring back markets. Reduce council restrictions. Longer free parking,” one comment said.

“Breathe some life into the place again.”

About 49 per cent of people said they visited Subiaco ‘multiple times a week’, with about 48 per cent saying the main reason they visited the suburb was to shop.

One person said Subiaco felt “very old school now”.

“We need some good quality tenants on the high street and surrounds, and to be known for something other than empty shops and old lady clothing stores,” they said.

About 60 per cent of people said the main reason they visited Subiaco was for its cafe strip, retail and market shopping.

Fourteen per cent of respondents said they would not come to Subiaco because “there were better places” to visit.

“Reduce the cost of parking; I can go to Claremont quarter for greater shop variety and get three hours free parking,” one person said.

Another respondent agreed that Subiaco no longer had the “happening vibe” it used to.

“They need cheaper/free parking, to bring the markets back and reduce rent so there aren’t so many empty shops,” they said.