Cambridge Mayor settling into new role

CAMBRIDGE Mayor Keri Shannon is adapting to the challenges of her new role.

At the Town’s November 24 council meeting, Ms Shannon said she was looking forward to increasing ratepayer participation through a blog on the Cambridge website.

“My first weeks as mayor have been challenging,” Ms Shannon said.

“I’ve been pleased with the progress.”

Ms Shannon presented a handful of motions to her first ordinary council meeting as mayor, most of which were not approved.

Councillors did approve Ms Shannon’s motion to obtain a report on the resources required to review the draft Local Housing Strategy and Local Planning Strategy to constrain the height level and building bulk of developments.

The original motion was amended from requiring the report from the chief executive by December to February to give staff more time to work on the report.

In her council report, Ms Shannon said Development Assessment Panels (DAPs) had previously used their discretion to give planning outcomes contrary to the intention of the Town’s planning precinct plans.

Since the introduction of the DAP, the Town has not undertaken a comprehensive review of its policy guidelines, the report said.

“Currently, there is no Local Housing Strategy in place to limit the height of developments within the Town and which the DAP will have regard to,” Ms Shannon said.