Mayor warns of force

Several of the councils’ leaders expect Local Government Minister Tony Simpson will instead announce a larger G7 of all the western suburbs, eradicating the potential G4’s members, this month.

‘I have seen the minister and the writing is on the wall, and force is going to be used,’ Cottesloe Mayor and G7 forecaster Kevin Morgan said.

At their meeting last week, Cottesloe councillors agreed to just note Claremont’s invitation to join the submission and only consider its position on a G4 after Mr Simpson declares the State Government’s intentions.

But Cottesloe is still prepared to consider a voluntary merger with its neighbours as long as its residents get a vote using unaltered poll provisions in the Local Government Act, the Civic Centre and Memorial Town Hall remain in public use in any new council and the Government prove the economic and social needs for the change.

At their meeting, Mosman Park councillors adopted resolutions that also just noted Claremont’s invitation and request the Government justify any change.

They also want finance for a transition to a larger council and Mr Simpson to discuss his plans at a meeting.

‘The popular wisdom seems to be supporting a G7 outcome which we would find abhorrent,’ Mosman Park Mayor Ron Norris said.

Mr Simpson has threatened to alter the poll provisions so the votes of all residents in a group of merging councils will be consolidated into one overall count, effectively wiping out Peppermint Grove’s ability to torpedo an amalgamation.

Peppermint Grove president Rachel Thomas would not be drawn on whether the tiny shire would feel betrayed if the Government said it would be thrown into a G7. She said they would wait until the minister made an announcement.