Mayors have their say

Mayors have their say

‘I would not expect the Minister to take any notice whatsoever of the (Robson) report and the boundaries it recommends . The report demonstrates a total lack of understanding of local government and its role in our community. In effect, the State Government has already rejected the report by stating the Government believes there should be 15 to 20 councils, not 12 as recommended by Robson. The boundaries therefore are still up in the air.’ – Claremont Mayor Jock Barker.

‘Anything less than a G7 won’t make sense. A G4 would be just as costly but deliver only half the benefits. If a G4 is forced upon us it would simply confirm that it is a merger for the sake of having one, in order to appease Mr Barnett. Forced mergers will disengage communities and breach his election promise.’ – Cottesloe Mayor Kevin Morgan

‘There’s not much point speculating and we’ll wait until there’s an announcement,’ Peppermint Grove President Rachel Thomas.

‘I think the Minister is not going to do anything too radical, as he’s said it’s an on-going process, so I suspect he will endorse the G4 in the western suburbs. Anything about the University of WA going into the City of Perth is harder because it will cut off the whole of the City of Subiaco’s south ward, which I was told by the Minister he doesn’t want to do.’ – Nedlands Mayor Max Hipkins.

‘I don’t know what the government is going to announce and I’m trying not to waste time speculating about it.’ – Cambridge Mayor Simon Withers.

‘If there’s no change then that’s wonderful. A G4 would be tolerable, but if the Government announced a G7 we’d be in battle mode.’ – Mosman Park Mayor Ron Norris.