Modelling suggests minimal wave change

‘Compared with the control conditions, the two models are fairly similar near the shoreline, with minimal change in wave height and energy, indicating limited change near the Indiana Restaurant,’ Mr Nguyen said.

Having the real-time information was achieved by including the monitors in a $900,000, ongoing study about the environmental impact of a Cockburn Sound private port proposed by Mosman Park building magnate Len Buckeridge.

Mr Nguyen said the rationale for the pool’s concept design, developed by his colleague Dan Courtney and using the wave and current data, was to ensure sand and erosion patterns stayed the same at Cottesloe Beach.

However, surfers may benefit from the design that places an artificial reef at the northern end of the groyne to alter waves’ shape and allow seawater to flush the pool.

‘It’s suggested by the modelling that there will be greater wave action immediately north of the northern tip of the pool, with more plunging waves that surfers prefer.’