Mosman Park considering ‘steel trees’ to block views created by tree vandalism

Ron Norris isn't happy.
Ron Norris isn't happy.

MOSMAN Park residents are allegedly hacking down trees to get better Swan River views.

There have also been reports of new trees being vandalised and pool water being dumped into riverside bush made to the town’s council recently.

This month, councillors will consider erecting ‘steel trees’ to block the new views created by the destruction near Westmeath, Minim Cove.

“This is the worst case of vandalism I’ve seen, and the best reason for installing steel trees to replace the views created by this, because this isn’t dieback, this should be the community fighting back,” Mayor Ron Norris said.

The council suspects the perpetrators to be local residents.

“But I would find it highly unlikely it’s a neighbour, as most of us are aware they will put up signs and you can be fined,” Westmeath Street resident Kate Smyth said, who was unaware of the damaged trees until shown last Wednesday.

Recent photos also show the alleged erosion caused by pumping private pool water into a riverside park near Colonial Gardens, about 1.5km upstream from Minim Cove.

The council revegetated the damage, but trees used in the repairs were allegedly removed by an unknown person two weeks later.

There are also long-standing reports of riverside trees being illegally cut near Colonial Gardens, and attempts are suspected to have been made to kill six new council-planted trees that could have blocked views on Johnston Street in Mosman Bay recently.

The Department of Parks and Wildlife, which replaced the Swan River Trust, has been informed about the Minim Cove vandalism.

The damage can be punished with fines of $5000, and signs put up which block views and educate about the value of riverside vegetation.

A DPaW spokeswoman said cut and broken branches on peppermint trees near Westmeath Mews were under investigation, but the department was not aware of any Colonial Gardens or Johnston Street damage in the past two months.

“However, there has been a history of vegetation damage incidents in the vicinity of Colonial Gardens,” the spokeswoman said.

She said DPaW investigated the pool water discharge in September, and a contractor was fined $200 because of the erosion to the escarpment.

Report riverside vandalism on 9278 0900, or after hours on 0419 192 845.