Mosman Park: police arrest wave of crime

Mosman Park: police arrest wave of crime

POLICE believe they have had a breakthrough in their attempts to address a recent crime wave in Mosman Park, arresting one man last Thursday over burglary suspicions and summonsing another for drug matters.

“Crime statistics have shown a significant increase in the number of burglary and stealing offences from vehicles in the sub-district of Cottesloe, in particular in close proximity to some Housing Authority flats in Wellington Street, Mosman Park,” Senior Sergeant Tony Booker said.

The wave includes seven thefts from Mosman Park cars on July 19, while previous incidents have kept scared residents inside their homes, prompted some to form lobby group Safety for Mosman Park and caused police operations near the 26 single flats for about six weeks.

Sgt Booker said police will allege that the man they arrested on Thursday, a 26-year-old from Coolbellup, wore gloves, carried a torch and had a mobile phone detailing the sale of stolen property.

Police also said the man had a pouch containing small rocks which could have been to throw at cars or houses being targeted for robbery to see if anyone was inside.

He was charged with possessing burglary tools, criminal damage and aggravated assault and is expected to reappear at Perth Magistrates Court on August 5.

In a separate matter, a Cockburn man (24) will be summonsed for possession of 7g of methamphetamine and 3g of cannabis allegedly found in a car at the flats last Friday.

“We want the Housing Authority to step up to the plate as that place is a tip, and it’s not appropriate to house single men there aged 25 to 35,” Safety for Mosman Park convenor Gill Vivian said.

Superintendent Kim Massam, Sgt Booker and Mosman Park councillors met Ms Vivian and about 15 ratepayers about the crime wave and the flats last Thursday.

“We have no problem with the police because they do all they can with the resources they have, but some of those residents are known to police, so how come they continue to get Housing Authority flats? And there needs to be a caretaker,” Ms Vivian said.

Supt Massam is expected to meet the Housing Authority this Friday for solutions to the anti-social and alleged criminal activity.

Housing Authority service delivery general manager Greg Cash said tenants could only be assessed on their previous tenancy history with the authority, and previous criminal history was not considered.

Mr Cash said caretakers were not provided, but tenants could be evicted if illegal activity, supported by police evidence, was reported.

He said the one-bedroom flats were not suitable for families or seniors, and the council would be contacted to improve rubbish facilities.