Nail found in strawberry prompts police investigation

Stock image.
Stock image.

A BATCH of contaminated strawberries was discovered in South Australia yesterday, less than a year since the outbreak of needles found in produce.

Barossa Police released a statement to confirm a customer has found a nail in a strawberry punnet purchased on August 15 in Gawler, north of Adelaide.

Police are awaiting results after the packaging and nail have been forensically examined.

Police have not ruled out accidental contamination. Picture: Stock image

Police said the remaining stock was examined and no other items were found.

Investigations are ongoing and police have not ruled out accidental contamination.

“Police would stress that responsible reporting of this incident is vital to avoid generating unnecessary public fear or detriment to the industry,” the statement reads.

This comes about 11 months after the first public report of needles found in strawberries, which caused nation-wide recalls.

SA Health have been advised.

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