New annual concert coming to Perth’s coast

Bernard Fanning. Photo: Getty
Bernard Fanning. Photo: Getty

THE company behind concerts featuring John Farnham and Icehouse is set to host an annual event in City Beach, despite residents’ concerns about drug deaths, antisocial behaviour, noise and itinerancy.

Zaccaria Concerts and Touring, which runs concerts such as By the C and the upcoming SummerSalt at Cottesloe Beach, has brought the likes of Icehouse, Jimmy Barnes, Missy Higgins and Bernard Fanning to coastal Australian venues.

John Farnham was scheduled to play in Cottesloe in April but cancelled because of illness.

The Town of Cambridge has agreed for annual concerts to run at City Beach Oval after being approached by Zaccaria, with the first planned for April.

But many City Beach residents protested, citing concerns related to antisocial behaviour, “drug deaths”, noise, large crowds, the type of people it would attract, littering, transport and parking.

One respondent said the oval should be enjoyed as “a park and not a concert hall”, instead wanting to see “people exercising, kids kicking balls, climbing trees or letting kites fly”, and there were concerns about access to the oval for sports clubs and dog walkers.

Other comments in the 21 objections included that night large scale commercial events were “unacceptable and detrimental” in the residential area, the “potential for itinerancy” would need to be controlled to protect residents’ “quiet amenity and safety”, concerts would disturb City’s Beach’s peaceful environment and opposition to commercial activity because they did not want it to “become like Scarborough and Cottesloe”.

There were 18 supportive submissions, which argued the event would bring “much needed vibrancy” and businesses to the area.

The Town will be paid at least $25,000 per performance day hire fee and a $20,000 bond for use of the oval.