New boundaries are taking shape

Northern suburbs Wembley Downs, Churchlands, Glendalough, and parts of Woodlands and Wembley on the south and east side of Herdsman Lake, would become part of the Town under the new proposal.

Mayor Simon Withers said the proposal was based on the 2009 Local Government Reform submission.

Various WA councils have submitted boundary submissions to the Board in anticipation of the State Government’s announcement on local government reform, expected this month.

The proposal also outlines a three-council model for the western suburbs as an alternative to the Robson recommendations to reduce the seven councils to one.

‘One of the major benefits of the model is that two of the three councils will not require financial assistance from the government because they are enlargements of existing councils, Cambridge and Subiaco,’ Mr Withers said.

The proposal also aligns the City of Stirling and Cambridge’s boundaries with the existing State electoral boundaries for the seats of Scarborough and Churchlands.