New commissioner plans talks with crime victims

Jennifer Hoffman is the new Victims of Crime Commissioner.
Jennifer Hoffman is the new Victims of Crime Commissioner.

Attorney-General Michael Mischin appointed Ms Hoffman on a five-year term after she returned home from 13 years living in Victoria.

‘I did two graduate years of law in Perth and then just wanted to have a go living in Melbourne,’Ms Hoffman.

‘A policy role came up in the Victorian Premier’s department for six months… and I stayed there for 11 years.

‘I worked in the Ombudsman’s office in Victoria for a year where I managed the whistleblower issues there and that gave me the opportunity to work with the Victorian Bush Fire Authority after the Black Saturday fires.’

It was here that Ms Hoffman gained significant experience working with victims of crime.

She said the victims were traumatised by their loss but also because in some cases the perpetrator was a member of their community.

‘Early intervention for victims can contribute to their recovery,’ Ms Hoffman said.

‘Some people will never recover but we know that we can move them forward with victim support services.’

Ms Hoffman said victim impact statements that had only been introduced into the court system 20 years ago had helped give victims empowerment.