New space agency to be built in Perth

NASA's new robotic space explorer. Photo: Getty
NASA's new robotic space explorer. Photo: Getty

A NATIONAL space robotics entity is set to begin operations in Perth, creating an estimated 1500 jobs.

Australian Remote Operations for Space and Earth (AROSE) is a key figure in the Australian-NASA partnership, developing technologies to assist in the international space race.

The partnership is estimated to boost the economy by $196 million within the next five years.

The WA Government has invested $1.5 million into AROSE, which is being led by founding partners Woodside, Fugro, Nova Systems, Curtin University and The University of Western Australia.

“The McGowan Government is seizing the opportunity to take part in the new generation space race to deliver on our commitment to diversify the economy and create WA jobs,” Science and Innovation minister Dave Kelly said.

“Our investment to make Western Australia the home of AROSE is set to turn us into a global centre for remote operations in space.

“As the world-leader in autonomous and remote operations and a participant in the space industry for more than 60 years, WA is primed and ready to contribute to the Australia-NASA Moon to Mars partnership.

“What AROSE will do, is take the world-class technology already utilised in Western Australia and adapt it for remote operations on the Moon, Mars and beyond.

“In doing so, it will unlock new opportunities for WA businesses to participate in global space supply chains and ensure local businesses secure contracts in international space initiatives such as NASA’s Lunar Gateway and project Artemis.”

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