Paid parking proposal for Claremont baffles councillors

Paid parking proposal for Claremont baffles councillors

A “CONFUSING” plan to introduce paid parking in Claremont was deferred after it was debated by councillors for almost an hour at last month’s meeting.

The proposal – which would see the introduction of several parking areas, included a carpark titled 1D on Davies Road that forms part of a Bush Forever site – was deemed too baffling to make a decision on the night.

Councillors Kate Main and Jill Goetze were in favour of the original plan, which would also include charging for parking after two hours in the North East Precinct 1 Zone.

The parking plan was expected to address the ongoing and increasing demand for parking in the Town, including areas near the golf course, swimming pool and Claremont Football Club.

Cr Main said she believed the plan to be pretty good and while not perfect it would help to organise the parking situation in the Town.

She also said the 1D Bush Forever block was contentious and described it as a “no-go nothing zone”, but it was needed because of the shortage of parking.

Saying she was ‘a little bit biased in that I live right in the middle of it’ she added: “I shouldn’t be personal about it but I can see that this is an answer to a problem that could occur once the parking near the railway line closes up.”

“We are going to be short of parking.

“I think this is a good controlled way of creating an environment that will suit firstly the people that live there. I also think it will be good for the sporting precinct that is happening in this area.”

Councillor Bruce Haynes put forward an alternative motion to get rid of the 1D site altogether because of its Bush Forever status, which then led to more amended motions.

Mayor Jock Barker said it had all become too confusing.

Following more lengthy debate, Cr Main asked for the motion to be deferred.

That motion was carried 6-2.