Pair charged over confrontation at Scarborough home

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TWO men have been charged over a confrontation about money and an ex at a Scarborough home.

Police believe a 41-year-old Wembley man went to the home of a Scarborough man (52), who he had known for 10 years, on Monday at about 10am when an argument broke out over money owed and a mutual ex-girlfriend.

They say the resident saw the other man arrive via his security camera and went outside to confront him while holding a golf club.

He then noticed the other man allegedly had a large knife as he saw the handle protruding above his belt.

The Scarborough man chased him around his car with the club then kicked the car and smashed a front window before returning inside.

The Wembley man followed him and is alleged to have brandished the knife at the front door.

Police charged the occupant with criminal damage and the visiting man will face the same charge and being armed when he appears in court on September 28.

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