Parker and Co owner: menswear develops middle ground between casual and tailored fashion

Christian Tana from Parker and Co involved with PFF Picture: Andrew Ritchie
Christian Tana from Parker and Co involved with PFF Picture: Andrew Ritchie

LUXURY men’s apparel brand Parker and Co owner Christian Tana believes men’s fashion has started to develop a middle ground where casual comfort meets tailored quality.

Parker and Co has been a Perth fashion destination since its establishment in 1895.

Mr Tana said his family visited Europe four times a year to source some of the world’s finest quality brands and bring them to Perth.

The brand will appear in this year’s Perth Fashion Festival (PFF) and will showcase a mix of all categories on closing night.

Mr Tana said Fremantle Dockers captain Nat Fyfe, who walked the runway for the men’s brand at last year’s PFF, may make an appearance.

“If he makes it back from Thailand, he will be there,” he said.

The Dalkeith resident, who owns the brand with his father Victor Tana, said fashion was becoming more casual but classic tailoring still had a strong presence.

“There’s a big spread now – before it was really segmented where you’re tailoring people wearing suits for one occasion and then jeans and a polo for the weekend,” he said.

“Now there’s a huge category in the middle with soft jackets and knitwear and even with some of the track pants done in warm fabrics, linen and silks which men can mix in with trainers.”

Mr Tana said there was a movement within the fashion industry for becoming more casual.

“The main trend at the moment is the casual component, where tailoring in a soft, structured way means you’re getting something a little more formal than your really causal gear,” he said.

“With the casual side of fashion, there is a lot more equality in the fabrics and the workmanship that goes into something casual now which is incredible.”