Peppermint Grove councillors want better case from neighbouring councils for managing The Grove

PEPPERMINT Grove councillors want a better business case from Mosman Park if an agreement about managing The Grove library and community centre changes.

At last month’s meeting, councillors considered Mosman Park’s request for a full review of the agreement between Peppermint Grove, Mosman Park and Cottesloe setting out how the building built by the three councils several years ago is operated.

Mosman Park’s proposed changes included removing the construction part of the agreement, sharing the cost of those who use the community centre and separating centre operations from those at the adjacent library.

Peppermint Grove staff said any changes would “obviously” be to Mosman Park’s advantage, Cottesloe was not interested in change and a full business case for change had not been presented.

“The attached letter and spreadsheet purportedly represents a business case but, however, is a list of familiar issues raised by Mosman Park in the past,” the staff said.

It was agreed to ask Mosman Park Council for a more detailed breakdown of the issues it considers should be changed in the agreement managing The Grove.