Perth landmark hue change shocks tourists

Crawley Edge Boatshed is usually blue. Picture: Andrew Ritchie
Crawley Edge Boatshed is usually blue. Picture: Andrew Ritchie

FOREIGN tourists lining up to snap themselves in front of a Perth landmark that has become a surprise Instagram hit say they’re “shocked” to find it clad a distinctly different hue.

The Crawley Edge Boatshed, or Blue Boat House as it’s now commonly known, has been temporarily wrapped in red plastic in a tribute to Manchester United football team, which is visiting the city for two friendly matches.

Singaporean tourist Charlotte Chan said she and her family almost got off at the wrong bus stop because they didn’t recognise it when they drove past.

Perth turns red for Manchester United

Charlie the dog approves of the blue boathouse’s new look. Picture: Andrew Ritchie

“We saw on Instagram that it was a blue house and it is a tourist attraction, so we came here to look at it, but we were very surprised to see it was red,” Ms Chan told AAP.

“We had to ask the bus driver if this was the house.”

Another group of Singaporean tourists were disappointed they wouldn’t be in Perth to see the boatshed return to its usual colour.

Ms Chan saw the bright side, saying she’d seen a “special” moment in the building’s history.

We have painted the town red. 21,000 visitors from more than 30 countries have descended on our City to see the Red Devils in action at Optus Stadium. Personally, I think the Crawley Edge Boatshed looks great in red. #UnitedInPerth

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Built in the 1930s, it is owned by Tom Nattrass, whose father and former Perth Lord Mayor Peter Nattrass suggested some 18 years ago that its dilapidated asbestos structure be replaced.

“It was a family friend, former foreign minister Julie Bishop, who came up with the idea to paint it that iconic blue, so full credit to her,” Tom Nattrass recently told the ABC.

The #blueboathouse on Instagram has thousands of posts including photos of couples on their wedding day.

It has become such a popular landmark, with a steady stream of tourists patiently lining up at the jetty to take images, that the council is building a new public toilet block nearby.