Perth markets canned despite big turnout

The Utopian Night Markets in Floreat have been cancelled.
The Utopian Night Markets in Floreat have been cancelled.

NIGHT markets in Floreat have been scrapped despite thousands turning out for the inaugural event.

Food Truck Pop Up hosted the launch of the Utopian Night Market at Perry Lakes Reserve on November 15 and had planned to run the markets until April.

A social media post by organisers said more than 4000 people attended but the series was “not meant to be”.

“It was a wonderful atmosphere and great to see so many families enjoying the great shopping, food, drinks and entertainment,” the post said.

“Unfortunately as successful as the event was for most involved the event operated at a loss financially for us as organisers.

“This means that we won’t be heading back to Perry Lakes this summer.”

The markets were cancelled despite a big turn out.

Cambridge Council approved a six-week trial of the markets in response to a pitch from Food Truck Pop Up.

The organisers said they would run the Utopian Night Markets in Alkimos over summer.

“I’m sorry we are not returning to Perry Lakes, your support was fantastic, it’s a beautiful spot and will always be remembered as a great night,” they wrote.

Food Truck Pop Up was contacted for comment.