Perth student crowned 2019 Brain Bee

Beau Scaddan.
Beau Scaddan.

PERTH Modern School student Beau Scaddan has been crowned winner of the 2019 WA Brain Bee Championship.

The Australian Brain Bee Challenge, held at UWA, is Australia’s only neuroscience competition for high school students, designed to test their knowledge of neuroscience.

The 15-year-old Kallaroo resident, who is passionate about neuroscience and medicine, against more than 80 brainy Year 10 students from 21 schools to win the state competition.

His school was also declared the winner of the competition.

Beau said he always had a love of neuroscience and was fascinated by the human brain.

“The brain is this amazing structure that controls so much, yet we know so little about it,” he said.

“The competition was nerve-wracking, but I knew I had put the hours in, and the result is really pleasing. It was great to participate in a competition on a topic area I am really excited about,” he said.

Beau said he was interested in pursuing a career in medicine and neuroscience when he finished school.

“I’d really like to progress into a career like neurosurgery – I think that would be the greatest job in the world,” he said.