Plan to make old site bloom

Annaliese Battista out the front of the old Pavilion Market site.
Annaliese Battista out the front of the old Pavilion Market site.

Next month the disused second-storey market carpark off Roberts Road will be transformed into a Rooftop Oasis pop-up bar, small bites and entertainment space over three consecutive Friday nights.

Mrs Battista said this would be the first time in seven years the iconic site would actively contribute something vibrant and interesting to the area. She said the Wilson Parking owners, market site developers D2 Property and City of Subiaco had been very positive and co-operative.

‘This building has been such an eyesore for so long, and it’s really a shame because it has remained high-profile and synonymous with Subiaco,’ Mrs Battista said.

‘There’s a growing realisation, especially as urban infill becomes more prevalent in Perth, that you have to utilise all the available space of an area.

‘The idea is to make an oasis in the middle of a place that, at the moment, has a question mark over what is going to happen with it.’

Mrs Battista said Visit Subiaco would create a ‘rustic, laid-back garden’ by setting up vine walls, wrought-iron trellises and furniture, astroturf flooring and seating made from aged wooden packing crates.

‘I am really excited about realising the potential of this space and perhaps using it for something like a rooftop cinema or arts festival in the near future,’ she said.