Planning Minister Rita Saffioti visits Subiaco to discuss LPS and LPS5

Mayor Penny Taylor and Planning Minister Rita Saffioti.
Mayor Penny Taylor and Planning Minister Rita Saffioti.

CITY of Subiaco Mayor Penny Taylor met with Planning Minister Rita Saffioti in Subiaco yesterday to discuss the Local Planning Strategy (LPS) and Local Planning Scheme No.5 (LPS5).

Minister Saffioti confirmed the State’s willingness to continue with the LPS and LPS5 planning review process.

She said she was fond of Subiaco, its surrounding suburbs and visited the area regularly.

“I know Subiaco well and it was great to tour more of the local streets with the Mayor,” she said.

“I believe that by working with the city we can develop a good plan that will get the balance right.”

Mayor Penny Taylor said she invited Ms Saffioti for a tour to highlight the elements of the city most valued by the community, as noted during the LPS5 and LPS public consultation period.

“I invited the Minister here so that she could see the diversity of our community and our beautiful streets,” she said.

“We know that residents value the feel of their streets, the protection of heritage areas and buildings, and good design and development.

“The community does not support ‘blanket’ density increases and they want to see consideration of services and infrastructure to support population growth.”