Police crackdown on graffiti vandal hotspots

Commander Lawrence Panaia and Police Minister Michelle Roberts. Picture: Nadia Budihardjo
Commander Lawrence Panaia and Police Minister Michelle Roberts. Picture: Nadia Budihardjo

A CRACKDOWN on Perth’s graffiti vandals is underway with WA Police releasing images of 12 people wanted for graffiti damage.

Commander Lawrence Panaia said the 12 people were responsible for thousands of offences, especially at the bus and train stations.

“These are not necessarily our most prolific offenders but these are the offenders we think are easily recognisable,” he said.

“Out of this dirty dozen, most of them have targeted our public transport system.”

Police are looking for 12 people in their graffiti crackdown.

Commander Panaia said transit routes, including train and bus stations, were hotspots for taggers.

“Industrial areas are always something that gets targeted very strongly,” he said.

Police have released CCTV footage from Mandurah Train Station, including a clip with two offenders spraying a train carriage on July 9.

Police have made 22 arrests and 45 charges as part of the Operation Quadrangle V, targeting graffiti damage, last week.

Two warrants were conducted as part of Operation Quadrangle V on August 6, including one in Belmont where police seized graffiti material and drug paraphernalia.

Commander Panaia said there has been a 10 per cent reduction in reported graffiti across the State last year.

“Over the last five years, we’ve had nearly a 27 per cent reduction,” he said.

Police have seized these graffiti materials from an individual. Picture: Nadia Budihardjo

Commander Panaia said using urban or street art to deter graffiti vandals was a good plan but would be the responsibility of local governments.

“City of Melville do that very well, they have used urban art on toilet blocks,” he said.

“It does come at a cost, you have to pay the artists but you’ve also got to pay to have the work protected.

“Believe it or not, good urban art is often the target of other vandals.”

Police encourage local governments to use urban art to deter unwanted graffiti but the plan could backfire. Picture: Nadia Budihardjo

Police Minister Michelle Roberts have announced the Graffiti Vandalism Strategy 2019-2021 today, which included promoting partnerships with schools, stakeholders and community.

“Graffiti is a serious crime, it’s punishable by $12,000 fine or up to two years imprisonment,” she said.

“Often times, it goes hand in hand with other crimes.”

Anyone with any information should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or report online at Crime Stoppers.

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