Premier ‘amused’ at oval claims

Premier ‘amused’ at oval claims

PREMIER Colin Barnett says he is “amused” by the City of Subiaco and WA Football Commission making plans for the future of Subiaco Oval, when the decision is ultimately in the State Government’s hands.

The AFL will move from Subiaco Oval to the new Perth Stadium at Burswood in 2018.

“The situation with Subiaco Oval is that the land is owned by State Government, and this has not been made clear,” Mr Barnett told the Western Suburbs Weekly last Friday.

“WA Football Commission doesn’t own it; they have simply a lease with Subiaco Council.

“Subiaco Council doesn’t own it; they simply have been given the land on a vesting basis by the State Government.

“I sit back and I’m amused by the WA Football Commission saying what they’re going to do with the land and Subiaco Council saying what they’re going to do with the land when the fundamental point is neither of those two bodies owns the land.”

At the council meeting last Tuesday, councillors delayed approving planned 12-month consultations with the State Government and key stakeholders to develop a future vision for the oval. Mayor Heather Henderson said the item would be determined at a meeting tonight.

“We asked the chief executive to get some clarification on the vesting orders (a document that dictates what activities can be held at Subiaco Oval) before we go any further,” Mrs Henderson said.

“We just wanted clarification that, when we go out with our North Subiaco Town Planning and Urban Design Study document and throw it in front of all these people that we will be talking to, that the vesting order can manage that situation.”

Cr Julie Matheson presented a petition signed by 519 residents to councillors calling for Subiaco Oval to be retained and redeveloped as the home of the West Coast Eagles (WCE) Football Club.

The Subiaco Village Retailers Association petition was also presented to the WCE board of directors.

The petition suggested that WCE members could use the oval’s entertainment facilities before and after games, park near the train station and travel to the new stadium, benefit from shopping and entertainment in Subiaco’s CBD and make use of new residential housing following the redevelopment of Princess Margaret Hospital and west end of the oval.