Premier to relax on farm

‘My skills are fairly limited, probably just a bit of sanding and painting, as we have a lot of furniture, like old tables at the farm, which we bought from local second-hand shops,’ he said.

His said he still had to get some Christmas presents, and his sons’ partners would determine celebrations, but wife Lynn had him fit airconditioning after a ‘relentless campaign’ at their Perth home.

Final council merger announcements are expected mid-year, after the Local Government Advisory Board review and Mr Barnett said he was looking at councils’ assets last month.

He denied asset sales would fund mergers, and said all communities would ultimately benefit, including redevelopment of Scarborough beachfront and new Fremantle Docker facilities.

Town of Victoria Park concerns about lost rates if Burswood is in the City of Perth would be discussed this week, but Mr Barnett said it was important the casino and the new football stadium were in the city.

He expected lines of baited hooks for large sharks would be set 1km off Cottesloe and Leighton beaches, but not result in the bycatches of non-threatening species.