Primary school signs pretty flash

Primary school signs pretty flash

EIGHT flashing 40km/h signs have been installed around North Cottesloe Primary School.

Premier and Cottesloe MLA Colin Barnett said motorists would not be able to miss the solar-powered lights that warn them to slow down in the school zone.

Four lights were also installed at Scotch College and Mr Barnett said that by 2017, every school in the State with a 40km zone would have the lights.

“You have intersections with two roads and particularly busy traffic at North Cottesloe and Scotch College,” he said.

“There are lots of little kids around and in summer you also get all the beach traffic going through here.

“It’s funded out of the Road Trauma Trust Fund, so when people speed or go through red lights, they fund these.”

North Cottesloe Primary School principal Wayne Press said the lights were a visual reminder to slow down.

“We are encouraging students to walk to school, so we want them to leave home safely and get to school safely,” Mr Press said.

“These lights will hopefully encourage cars to slow down around the school.

“Being on a reasonably major road and it’s the major arterial road into Cottesloe, often cars don’t slow down.”