Pro Subi still in mix

At a committee meeting last week, councillors voted against the staff recommendation to remove Pro Subi from the EBSC terms of reference after executive director Stephen Tindale said Pro Subi was still in existence.

‘I am not aware of any decision at this stage to wind up Pro Subi,’ Mr Tindale said.

But Pro Subi company secretary David Carson said Pro Subi had subsisted as a shell entity since the City terminated its contract on March 31.

‘The contract was Pro Subi’s only source of income, and obviously it cannot trade without income,’ Mr Carson said.

Councillors also rejected a staff recommendation that former Pro Subi executive director Annaliese Doesburg be appointed to the EBSC with full voting rights.

The council will make a decision at its meeting tonight.

Cr Lynley Hewett said that since the City employed Ms Doesburg to run Visit Subiaco, the move would overturn a previous decision to block staff members from having voting rights on committees. The position of a Pro Subi member on the EBSC will remain vacant until committee composition is reconsidered at the October special council meeting.